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HUTDB 3 – Full Player Database For Hockey Ultimate Team In NHL 13

Download: What is HUTDB? This is a complete list of statistics for NHL players in the NHL 13 game mode Hockey …

hockey database
Homeland security tests out latest facial recognition system at junior hockey
… opener in the Western Hockey League as the Tri-City Americans (pictured) host the Spokane Chiefs. The system has been tested before but reportedly was not quick enough as it could not identify faces from the biometric database in less than 30 seconds.
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  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    Happy to serve. I have plans to create one for ’14

  • FlopfishTheBaus 6 months ago

    Thank you very much for this! Awesome work.

  • carnagexreport 6 months ago

    Great job, been looking for this for awhile

  • LTAssass1n 6 months ago

    Brandon Saad is supposed to be on chicago its his original team!

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    There is a very minimal list on EA’s facebook. They showcase a few on some updates and let you know how they’ve been updated. One update, a good amount were taken out of the game due to contract reasons. A fair amount of the roster has been updated, though, i’d say. I bought NHL 12 used, so I know the feeling without the online code. Wasteful now to spend $10 on it, I think.

  • Hockeyrebel86 6 months ago

    This is amazing I’ve finally know who I’m missing from the heat

  • Mark Aguirre 6 months ago

    Hey one question, i don’t know if this relates to your vid but i got nhl 13, WITHOUT the online code so the player ratings don’t update. Is there a list of all the players that were updated since the begining of the game ?

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    As I said, I don’t have a Mac, so I don’t know. Best I can advise is google.

  • Lucas Hendry 6 months ago

    on a mac?

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    Just about at the top of the screen. Home | Insert | Page Layout | Formulas | Data | Review | View | Design

  • Lucas Hendry 6 months ago

    sorry but wheres the review tab

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    On the review tab, under the changes group, hit unprotect sheet. If it says protect sheet, it’s unprotected. Then you just need to hit the little arrows above the row like I did in the video.

  • Lucas Hendry 6 months ago

    still not sure

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    Google it and let me know how that works out.

  • David Wahlberg 6 months ago

    Ha GAY!!!

  • USAStar81 6 months ago

    lol :) 

  • Lucas Hendry 6 months ago

    i just got a macbook pro so i dont know how to do that

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    I don’t have a Mac, so I really have no idea if I could test that. Being that it’s programmed for a Microsoft program, I have my doubts, but it very well may.

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    Download it

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    Happy to help

  • JenNettalia 6 months ago

    Glad to be of service. Hope it solves problems.

  • Dan Glee sac 6 months ago

    That’s Ferda

  • eggwhite6 6 months ago

    Did you make this? And does it work for Mac?

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